Canoe Tahiti – Sevylor

This canoe, an improved version of the traditional canoe that everyone knows, the Sevylor Tahiti canoe, has an additional seat and has ample space for two adults and one child. This canoe can be transported anywhere, because it has a Back Pack system.
Its occupants, enjoy a comfort. In this canoe Tahiti of Sevylor, also consists of air chambers and a special construction of the bottom, making it a stable and safe canoe for its occupants. Its three inflatable seats, provide a perfect comfort to be on board, it is even so comfortable, that you can make long journeys in it.
Its design is compact, and very practical for the two handles it has integrated, and its innovative Back Pack system, gives stability and makes it easy to carry on your back, as it can be rolled up comfortably. Finally, it has a drain, which makes it easy to remove the water from the canoe. It is ideal for excursions around the coast or rivers, and on other occasions, to practice rowing sports.


It has 2 stick valves.
2 handles to carry both bow and stern.
1 flow valve.
2 side inflatable chambers that give stability.
2 adjustable, disposable and removable seats.
2 side stability chambers.
Anti-puncture repair set.
Manufactured in PVC of high quality and resistance.
Enjoy the seyytes system of pressure control when inflated.
Maximum load weight 200 kilograms.
Measures: 318x90cm.
Air pressure.
It possesses a system of transport type backpack, when it is deflated.

It travels comfortably. It has adjustable seats, safety straps, easy assembly. It has front protection bridge, and side tubes for stability. It moves quickly and safely. Should occur in the period of use with very intense heat, should be deflated slightly, to avoid over-inflation when it will be used, after inflation, and pour water. Before storing, it should be washed with fresh water, and dried completely, and stored in a cool place. All watercraft should wear a life jacket.

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